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  1. Cheap Taladefil

    I know you're probably thinking I have an E.D. problem. Fact is, I don't. I tried cialis when on the clomid part of my last cycle. I had found that Deca had pretty much shut me down for awhile even before I started clomid. The cialis pills worked wonders. Trouble is, now I'm hooked. I love the orgasmic intensity I get from it. So, Here's my question...Does anyone know where I can buy it in pill form cheap? I have found that the liquid works great, but I'm concerned about possible damage to my liver from the alcahol base L.R. uses. Please post any link I could check out. Thanks

  2. I think your best bet is to go with a liquid product from liqua chem. Im not sure if any "research" companies carry tabs. But I know has the powder. IMO they have had some probs with delivery delays. Just look around for tab sources, theyre out there.

  3. dude if you dont drink much the fe droppers full of verclear in a liquid version wont touch your liver, I dont think. The affects would be minimal at most negligible most likely and i think most vets on this site would agree with me.

  4. Cialis will be sold in the USA now since it has been FDA approved.

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