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What to drink, when you wake up during sleep?

  1. What to drink, when you wake up during sleep?

    Lets say you wake up in the middle of the night for the bathroom or whatever.

  2. I mix 25 gms of whey protein and 15 gms of dextrose and 3 gms of taurine in water into a container.When i wake up to go to the bathroom i have a couple of gulps and go back to bed.Leave some for when you wake up and before you shower finish off the rest. Your shower time will give the drink chance to get into your blood stream and your muscles.Remember breakfast is just that -you are breaking the 10 hour fast since your last meal .Continue with a good breakfast .

  3. not trying to pimp anything here, however, I always have a bit of Poseidon by the bed to sip on when I get up for one of many visits to the bathroom. Helps keep me rested and hydrated.
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  4. I pretty much base it off how my sleep pattern is going, if Im sleeping through the night than all i need is some casein and fats to hold me throught the night, if I know i will wake up during the night I will do a whey shake with fats before bed and than a whey shake in middle of the night.

  5. Johnny walker black, on the rocks.

  6. i have a protein shake.

  7. somtimes I drink a little water if I'm thursty.

  8. BCAAs or one of the light, fruit flavored Whey Isolate RTDs.
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  9. For me it's either


  10. Why would you want fructose? If you have any studies backing that I would like to see.

  11. Heh... to be honest, for the longest time it was a little spoonful of Choc. PB UP 2.0 . I ran out, and it became some BCAA's, then I got some more and still going on it


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