ZMA and Increased Body Hair

  1. ZMA and Increased Body Hair

    Hello all, about a month ago I decided to experiment with ZMA, I have been taking it consistently and noticed that I have had an increase in body hair. I am not a hairy person at all, I mean im 22 and have the thinnest moustache and a thin beard only on the chin. But I have noticed that the hair on my arms and legs has been getting really long and I sprouted some thin hair throughout my stomach and chest.

    I would basically like to know what this is an indicator of such as too much DHT or body being too sensitive to test/dht. But this also puzzles me because I was told that Zinc inibits DHT, DHT being responsible for androgenic hair growth yet it appears that the opposite is occuring as I am sprouting more of that androgenic hair. Any thoughts, theories, explanations, or similar experiences are welcome.

  2. Dude dont worry about, as long as your not losing hair.

    A few hairs, you are lucky, im covered in hair.

    zma is a great supplement by the way

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ari4216 View Post
    Dude dont worry about, as long as your not losing hair.

    A few hairs, you are lucky, im covered in hair.

    zma is a great supplement by the way

    As far as the hair on my head...well I really cant tell or notice that its falling out. Im not really worried about the body hair I seriously needs some, it just puzzles me that a supplement touted as having DHT blocking properties has me displaying high DHT related symptoms. Oh by the way is it common for ZMA to loose its "kick" when i first started taking it I noticed vivd dreams, restful sleep, more energy, and a good mood, now I feel the same as before despite taking ZMA consistantly as directed.

  4. just keep taking it

    what happens, at least i think, is that once supplementing it for a while, your bodys store of zinc and magnesium are full and you dont benefit from zma as you initially did.
    secondly, you get used to the effects, remeber is only a vitamin

    But yes in many people the vivid dreams go away, the other effects to do not, they just become hard to notice.

    But trust me, dont go off zma, youll realize its working once you go off. It takes about a month for your zinc magnesium levels to return to normal, and then youll feel like regular crap again, and you wouldnt know why. I have been using zma for a long time, and ive been off and on.
    if you want you can do zma eod every other day.

    Dont go off ZMA.

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