Alcohol & JW a no no?

  1. Alcohol & JW a no no?

    Considering the fact that JW contains a methylated compound
    would it be dangerous drinking while using it?

    I drink rarely but since its not sold as a steroid the normal precautions mith be lost in the mind of the consumer. And also I guess most users are "normal" people who doesnt follow a hardcore routine with strict diet and so on.

    I just thought someone might have some input except the standard "don't drink ever" answer?


  2. I would err on the side of caution and say do not drink while on it but are you looking for someone to tell you it is o.k. to drink anyway?

  3. No, like I said I dont drink on or off except maybe Newyears and so. What I want to know is if the combination offers the same risks as the other DS that comes with warnings since JW doesnt. Im just thinking of those buying a bottle that says zero sides and gr8 gains and lack the knowledge/experience to understand the extra dangers of drinking while on.

    There must be 1000's of kids out there using things like m-drol and tren based products who never heard of PCT's. Why should you expect they would have the rest of the knowledge of what to do and not to do? If JW is AS dangerous the risk of bad usage would be larger I think.

  4. the steroid in JW is very weak. It still is a steroid but a weak compound. I do not think it is as big a risk as say taking Superdrol and going to a keg party for the weekend.
    As far as your kids using and knowing nothing about what a pct is. That can also be part of the momo's who sell them these type products telling them they ARE NOT steroids but they will get huge. and also not telling them they need a good pct.
    So I will say again, err on the side of caution and try to not drink while on.

  5. the reason for the whole "don't drink" advise is, cause of the effects on the liver. much like say, smoking, sure it can lead to cancer, but not for everyone, it might give me cancer and do nothing to you, but we will never know for sure before you start smoking, will we, so it's easier to say "don't smoke cause it'll give you cancer", isn't it. same thing here man, it's easier to say "don't drink while taking methyl", cause we don't really know for sure if your body (liver) can handle it or not. if someone is willing to find out, then good for them, the only down side is, are you willing to find out, either you'll be fine, or you'll go to "take a dump" and find your liver in the toilet along with whatever you had for dinner the night before...(joking)



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