LOL... who remembers the old X-Factor labels?

  1. Talking LOL... who remembers the old X-Factor labels?

    I was just reading through this article from 2005:

    And at the end there is a pic of the original X-factor label. Oh wow, now that is a craptacular label! Especially in comparison to the godliness of the revamped uber-shiney boxes XF comes in now.

    Anyways... thought I'd share the joys of nostalgia with everyone else.
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  2. We all start off lacking that finesse that comes from seeing what works and what doesn' least you guys kept at it, refining along the way.

    And I agree, the new packaging is pretty sexay.
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  3. true dat!

  4. Wow, I never realized who this was... but then again your 'other' name is as ghey as your threads!

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