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  1. Angry Need help?

    Well my dumbass got into a fight and broke my nose, all in all have not taken prime in 5 days. It's my 6th week of prime that I have missed. Should I go 8 caps ed to jump start, or just stay where I was at( 7 caps ed). What should I do?

  2. Next time duck better, and stay at 7.

  3. well its complicated I didn't fight one person. In your opinion how long before prime is in full effect again?

  4. a few days, but you don't need to load it again.

  5. great thanks for the help.

  6. I have to take augmentin(anti-biotic), Everything should be fine and dandy correct?

  7. I can't answer that one sorry.

  8. My advice:

    Get your weight up with your hate and pay em' back when you're bigger.

  9. yea i didnt get beat up or anything, I actually had fun. I just want to make sure this dumbass anti-biotic isnt affecting the prime.

  10. anyone?

  11. There should be no need to 're-load' with one-two week cessation.

    As far as the antibiotic, i cannot speak on that.
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