CNW Issue

  1. CNW Issue

    Just wondering if anyone has been ordering from them lately? I made an order, was shipped and received very quickly but had one problem. It was missing one product i ordered. The packing slip said a refund will be given so that was fine i will just reorder when it is in stock or from somewhere else. It has been over a week and 2 emails later with no response, no product, and no refund on my credit card. I can understand not having product in stock and refunding, but it has been over a week with no response whatsoever and that is unacceptable in my mind. Any else having issues with CNW?

  2. Never had that problem with NUTRAPLANET.

  3. Me neither, I always go to NP but they were out of stock for resveratrol, which is the product i did not receive from CNW. Only reason i went to CNW instead was because of that, and on their site it did not state that they were out of stock of the resv, so i assumed they had some. That's what i get for leaving good ole NP i guess, they've never done me wrong.

  4. Ever since CNW switched companies they suck horribly. Even the website sucks. Stick with Nutra

  5. I hear these kind of stories about cheating on NP. It's why I saw never cheat on NP, but then again there is a bit of bias This is why sometimes NP might be a dollar or two more, but I'll gladly pay it for the ease of mind. The CSR's are incredibly efficient and helpful at NP . (End Self Gratification)

    Also, I've never ordered from CNW so no issues with them! They do have some very tempting bulks, I must admit.

  6. Complain a little. Call. And be pissed off. Most companies will give you more than a refund. CNW used to be great...

  7. Weve had issues since the switch and being taken off AM. Pm your issue to me. We have thousands of satisfied customers.

  8. CNW has been great to me.

  9. I have an order arriving tommorrow from them. I hope everything is good. I would have ordered from Nutraplanet but they don't have kanna. I do however have a package arriving saturday from NP.

  10. I think CNW has a truck sitting outside my house, literally... I click order then its here it seems. NP just doesn't carry a few things (20% banaba paaaalease!).

  11. Thanks justreading.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by CustomNW View Post
    Thanks justreading.
    Lost me as a cutomer with the avy ha... I'll have to do some soul searching and see if I can still work with you after seeing that haha

  13. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    Ever since CNW switched companies they suck horribly. Even the website sucks. Stick with Nutra
    i agree. i used to order from them quite a bit because it would get to me the next day. now they're slow and the website is aweful

  14. OK so I have already been contacted by and speaking with CustomNW and found out what caused this issue. I can't totally blame them so sorry for the negative looking thread CNW and i have been reassured that i can continue to be their customer.


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