somethings blowing me up

  1. somethings blowing me up

    Im currently taking orange traid, and a scoop of Green mag, Purple wrath, and White flood all together before working out. Im also taking about three protein shakes a day any idea what is causing this im guessing the GMag???? Im eating pretty clean too...

  2. blowing u up? explain?


  3. feeling really bloated and looking the same

  4. Three protein shakes could be it. If I drink that many I would be pretty gassy. What type of protein?

  5. ya think? I thought it was the creatine/green mag?? three of 100% iso a day?? do that seem like alot??

  6. protein shakes have been known to cause some bloating and gas.

    Creatine mono is known to cause some issues too...especially if you're taking too much.

    this is an easy enough problem to diagnose, take one day off of grean mag and see how you feel.

    if the problem persists then reindroduce the grean mag and cut back on the protein until the problem goes away.

    (I can't imagine white flood or purple wrath - BCAA - causing bloating)
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  7. yeah its the green mag, any form of reliable creatine should increase bloating(water retention) a part of the reason why people get an increase in stregth from creatine.

    Ive personally went through a tub of green mag, it causes water retention as it should.


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