Biotest Z-12 w/ ZMK

  1. Biotest Z-12 w/ ZMK

    Anyone see any problems combining Biotest Z-12 with ZMK?

  2. What is your reasoning for running both? They are too similar in my opinion and that would be a lot of Zinc on a regular basis.

  3. Biotest Z-12 ingredients: 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid HCl, L-theanine,5-hydroxytryptophan.

    So no, it doesn't contain Zinc.There shouldn't be a problem taking them both.

  4. My bad I forgot they had that new thing out. Yes I agree it would be fine.

  5. Thanks, fellas. From the looks of things, the Z-12 parallels a lot of the ingredients in MST's Somnidren product. I'm looking for better sleep, not necessarily GH benefits. But still, Somnidren costs less than Z-12 and has the advantage of being designed to stack with ZMK.

    At the very least, this will give me a chance to compare both (Somnidren and Z-12) side by side.



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