acetyl carnitine for my grand mother

  1. acetyl carnitine for my grand mother

    Do you think it is a good idea to buy acetyl carnitine for my grand mother,it is supposed to be good for memory,well being and for the eyes,she has an inflamation of both eyes and she also goes to the gym twice a week

  2. how old is she?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by toums View Post
    Do you think it is a good idea to buy acetyl carnitine for my grand mother,it is supposed to be good for memory,well being and for the eyes,she has an inflamation of both eyes and she also goes to the gym twice a week
    Yes, why not? She could stack it with lipoic acid.

  4. she is 70

  5. Clear it with her Dr. before hand and if they give the go ahead, yes it could really benefit her, especially if stacked with r-ALA as mentioned above. I have actually had my own grandparents try such a regimen and they did notice increased mental faculties
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  6. Get her some fish oil as well, which will not only improve her memory, but her heart as well. Then you can also add some CoQ10 for added benefit.

  7. Definately run it by her doctor just be sure it doesnt conflict with any other meds she might be on if she is on any. At 70 she could potentially live for another 30 years, and smart supplementation would help especially if she is hitting the gym a couple days a week.
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    ALCAR should be very beneficial for her, as it has many benefits, especially in older patients. There are NO known interactions between ALCAR and any Rx/non-Rx drugs in the U.S. but, ALA (the fatty acid, not alpha lipoic acid) has been speculated to possibly interact negatively with blood thinning medications, cholesterol lowering medications, Cyclosporine, and NSAID's (1, 2). Also, one study has actually linked ALA to progressing macular degrenation (3). Another thing to consider with ALA is that individuals with Schizophrenia and Diabetes may be unable to convert ALA into DHA and EPA, the particular fats used in the body, which can result in additional health issues (4). Also, high doses of omega 3's may actually increase LDL (bad cholesterol)(5, 6), but this is not definitive. There are many studies documenting the efficacies of ALCAR (6, 7, 8, 9), though:

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