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    I haven't used creatine for a while, but I have just ordered some Creatine Gluconate, and would like to know from people who have used it before what is the best time and in what quantity should Creatine Gluconate be taken?

    I am also using AP/ p-Slin stack to get the most out of the Creatine Gluconate.



  2. Anyone??

  3. can someone help me understand how the gains you make on gluconate are not "water". Ive takin size on a few times and gain 5-7lbs and keep it. Where does that weight come from?

  4. Anyone?

  5. size on is really one of the best creatine all in one products. But i think gaining 6-8 pounds from size on in on month. A good portion will be glycogen and water weight.

    as good using creatine gluconate ive heard you need only 3-5 grams a day.

    And 8-10 on workout days, one dose taken in conjuction with AP.pslin, and another dose after the workouts

    As for corect AP/P-slin creatine time consumption someone else will have to answer

  6. I never heard the glucanate didn't put on some water weight..or bloating. But personally i responded really well to it, size on and just plain glucanate. But i took 5g pre and post. Thats usually the recommened time to take creatine, however everyone responds to different times of intake and preference. But i would defiently hop on some WMS, if your taking bulk Creatine Glucanate and you could throw some BA.

  7. Thanks.

    Anyone else?


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