Vitamin B12 (Injectible)

  1. Vitamin B12 (Injectible)

    I just ordered 3 bottels (100cc) of Vitamin B12 from Cal Vet Supply
    ( ).

    I've recently been hearing that Vet Grade B12 is not wise to inject and that human grade is the only way to go.

    The problem is that I've read this only from people that have had an invested intrest in the products they are promoting.

    My question is this, If Vet Grade supplements (for instance QV Vet supplies) have been and continue to be used by bros... What makes Vitamin B12 any less safe? Or is this not a true statement?

    I'm still trying to find the post that recommended the Cal Vet Supply link to me... The post I read also said that many bros do use vet supply B12 and have had no adverse effects.
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  2. No One has any clue?

  3. Elijah 123 has a thread going over at AU about vet grade injectable B complex.

    I believe he's also a member here.


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