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  1. Question xtend serving size

    i just received my very first purchase of xtend. i opened it up and found the scooper but is 2 scoops of that small thing really one serving? i guess im use to bigger scoops from NO products.

  2. 2 scoops of the smaller scooper is 1 serving. However its recommended that 2-3 servings depend on body weight be used. Depending on the size of the scooper you could easily find out how much one scoop of it would provide and use that for convenience.

  3. fyi: i had my first taste of it today (watermelon) and i was blown away by the taste. one of the best tasting supplements ever.

  4. Yea I had my first Watermelon Xtend a few years ago, staple ever since. Delicious and one of the most practical supplements out there.

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