hmmm.... protein :)

  1. hmmm.... protein :)

    i was doing some looking online for protein and all the prices have gone up since the last time i had to make a bulk order. i've been using uni-liver for some time now and it seems to be a pretty healthy addition to my diet. would there be any problem to mass dosing of uni-liver? like 70 pills a day (112g protein/day) that way i'd have more than enough protein in my diet and hopefully it'd make more gains.... or is whey a better choice even though im really not saving any money

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  3. I am not 100% familiar with uni-tabs but I can't imagine it has an amino profile sufficient to warrant that kind of intake to support everything you should be getting out of a protein supplement (I hope I worded that alright lol).

    Second problem is are you really going to be popping 70 pills a day? A bottle of 500 would be gone in a week.

    You can check out nutraplanet, and pick up some All the Whey Concentrate for 30$. ATW is my personal choice of protein as well, although I know you mentioned typically bulk buying.

    Products By All The Whey

  4. ya, i was looking at the lean and fit meal replacer the other day, actually. it looks solid but its still cheaper to pop the uni liver. plus i love taking pills. they're just so convenient. but i was more worried about taking in 30,000 % of my daily value of b12 from the uni liver along with over dosing the other vitamins and minerals...

    i dunno, maybe i'll go with both. im assuming they dont offer anything over 5 pounds?

  5. Key for protein is buying in bulk. That's one supplement you'll never stop using - and its probably one of the most important. Good suggestion with ATW, I also like ON - and I believe you can still get 5 pounds for under 40 bucks on Nutraplanet. There are also 10 pound packs from Scivation and a few other companies which will save you more money.

    I don't like the idea of the capsules... Although the risk of B-12 overdose is rare and the effects are minimal when you have healthy kidneys and plenty of fats in your diet... why bother with the risk when protein is relatively economical and tasty to begin with.

  6. can you buy bulk syntha 6?

  7. Syntha 6 is a blend... Kind of like muscle milk. It uses some more complex proteins up in there like casein - which are much more expensive than your traditional whey. That and you have to pay for their marketing cost.

    I'd recommend sticking with a whey concentrate or isolate if you're just taking this post workout or in the morning. Concentrate is more economical - and will work just fine for what I think you are using it for. Check out ON Extreme Milk Chocolate...


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