Pwo - Gms/ba/aakg/dcm

  1. Pwo - Gms/ba/aakg/dcm

    I picked up bulk powders from NP and want to try them for a day or two before I start a log for some awesome products (Ive read so much good I just want to see it for myself) Anyways I picked up:

    -Glycerol Mono Stearate
    -DiCreatine Malate
    -AAKG Powder

    I want to start the GMS/DiCreatine Malate @ 3G/Each, but how much BA, and AAKG should I mix in, also would 30 minutes Pre-WO be optimal to take this?

  2. For BA I put in 1tsp or 3.6g pre-wo and try to shoot for 3.6-5g per day, lifting or no. It's on the higher side, but supposedly you get better cumulative affects if dosing 5g per day.

    I take mine 1 hour pre-wo.

    No experience w/ aakg

    As for the GMS, just a tip. But, I'd mix it in a small cup or glass seperately. I mix all my stuff together in the shaker, pour a mouthfull or two into a small glass, then dump half tsp's of GMS in at a time and down it in about 2-3 shots. It's easier to get it all down. Otherwise it's all over the sides of your shaker. There is no taste, so no worries there. but your poop will look like it has snow in it.


  3. I figured I would start at about 3G of each and see how it goes.

  4. keep us posted. im interested in taking the dicreatine/gms stack myself

  5. I just started a very similar custom preworkout.

    Bulk GMS- 2stp- ~ 3.2 g
    DiCreatine Malate 2 tsp ~ 1.8g
    AAkg - 3g
    Xtend - 3 scoops

    Crazy Pumps!!! I also take 1-2 tsp of DCM post workout.

    I decided that next time i am going to add Beta-Alanine and maybe Taurine.

    That was weird when I read your post, It was like you were reading my mind

  6. I did it today, and I got a pump, but nothing crazy like I expected, plus I was curious because I pissed like 10 times (literally) during my 1.5 hour workout, and from what Ive read the GMS should hold it off for a long time???

  7. Yeah, I haven't experienced "crazy" pumps yet. I've upped my dosage of GMS from 3g to 4-4.5g pre-wo.

    I haven't had to go #1 as much as you have had to though. But I have noticed that I look fuller for a bit longer after working out.

  8. The bathroom thing is what got me the most, as it seemed like everyone else that has used GMS didn't have to piss for like 10 hours.

    I drank ALOT of water, so thats why I had to piss to so much, but I thought with the GMS I wouldn't have to, i mean it not like this is a benefit from GMS I was looking for, just something everyone else reported that I didn't see, so I wasn't sure if it was working correctly.


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