anything to take to get rid of lump??

  1. Question anything to take to get rid of lump??

    I took Methyl 1T for 4 weeks that i picked up at the local supplement shop and after taking it, i have a lump under my nipple. I took a PCT but that didnt help any and i was hoping for some greatly appreciated info on what i can take or do to get rid of it. I do know someone who had theirs cut out and is this common and what should i do?

    Thank you to all that pass along some info.


  2. Post in the Steroid Forum... And you should have had Nolva or some type of SERM on hand when cycling M1T...

  3. What was your original PCT?

  4. From my experience, Novedex XT from Gaspari can help reduce the lump post cycle..

  5. i did use Novedex XT but didnt seem to help any.



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