Study/focus Supplement

  1. Study/focus Supplement

    I'm looking for a stack that I can take before studying and that just improves overall mental capability.

    Caffine free, i usually just drink a cup of coffee.

    Also, this doesn't have to be a brand name recommendation, I am thinking about assembling the list and going through custom capsule. So if you recommend something, please tell me the dosages.

    I figured ALC would be a good addition, but i'm just looking for some people who have experience and know what works/what doesn't.


  2. "Nootropics"

    products such as Focus XT or Yellow nEuphoria

  3. i have to use my head a lot at work and i find centrophenoxine and idebenone to be great. the only thing is that it's really best to take them for a few weeks to get the best results. maybe PEA and deprenyl might be something to check out as well

  4. Tyrosine and 1,3 Dimethylamylamine (Geranamine) get my vote. APS Phenadrine has been a godsend for my work productivity so far (and gives a thermo sweat to boot). Strong clean focus and drive with zero jitters or noticeable side effects. It hasn't been released yet (testing a month run), but this stuff will become legend.

    I've also tried Piracetam at 1.6g x2 per day with 250mg Choline (I also eat eggs every morning, the yolks of which contain an awesome source of Choline). Taking a few months off, and will cycle back on. This is a long-term supplement imo, do not expect quick results with Piracetam.
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  5. Geranium, Tyramine, and Sulbutiamine.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  6. this **** rocks. i've been trying a lot of them, started with the same question. i like the gernimine with tyrosine and alcar and the other day i capped oxiracetam 800mg, 250 mg alcar, and 100 mg choline citrate. was really good also

  7. I am using IBE's X-force right now which contains Geranium and Subtlamine (however it's spelt) and it's working out great for my focus, so I'd either look into that or its ingredients separately.

  8. I heard that SNS is releasing focus XT again soon... sounds like an excellent product. I know that I'll be picking some up.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by dafox View Post
    I heard that SNS is releasing focus XT again soon... sounds like an excellent product. I know that I'll be picking some up.
    Hey, that's good news. I was disappointed they quit making that back when I was looking for a work-focus supp. Might pick it up sometime to try.


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