Ok so i just ordered these 3 things for a visit to my friends school in a couple weeks. I am going to drink, duh. But i usually keep it very low key, stay hydrated, lots of protein and carbs all weekend etc etc.

    Im thinking of starting my after noon out with some KAVA, around 3-4pm in some tea and just sip on it slowly.(i got the root so i have to filter it and all that business.

    Then around 7-8pm, maybe around drinking time drop some GABA and PEA combo. Have a few drinks....

    and around 1-2am, yea ill be up, taking some more KAVA or GABA to help ease into sleep.

    If you have any good combo ideas/orders let me know.

    Also, my first time using PEA, bought 10g and will prolly start to take it thursday night, leaving friday.

    anywho, let me know your ideas.

  2. Sounds like a good time buddy. Enjoy!

  3. yea. just trying to make the order with the most snse. I know the GABA will help chill me out, the Kava will put me in a good mood, and i thought the PEA and a little alcohol would mix well.
    Anyone?! Anyone?!

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