Lecithin Granule Supplementation

  1. Lecithin Granule Supplementation

    How do people here supplement with Lecithin Granules?
    Especially in regards to Choline Supplementation?

    Do people find advantages to this, or is it just a waste of money?

    Also, would you combine Lecithin w/ Policosanal?

    I read that: "Since lecithin can increase acetylcholine synthesis, it may act synergistically with policosanol, a supplement that increases acetylcholine action at the neuromuscular junction. "

    Thoughts from everyone?


  2. Bump It Up!

  3. I hear it is good to increase the absorbtion of other supplements, but it is not a great source of choline as I understand it (but cheap and definately better than nothing). If you are looking for choline you may want to try choline citrate or some other direct form of choline.

  4. Does a supplement like Endoamp have choline?

  5. Yes, 154mgs per 2 scoop serving.



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