anger in the gym

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  1. the dudes that said wife/gf are correct.

    i take a heaping scoop of my wife's nagging before i hit the iron... and i'm like the HULK!!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Perfection300 View Post

    I'm angry all the time.... It's really not that good a feeling!

    But then again, I'm taking cheque drops/halo/Test suspension & Tren.


    lol im usin that in my sig.....f'ing hilarious

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ozarkaBRAND View Post
    Judging by your other hi-quality posts, it was rather hard to tell.
    are you being sarcastic?

    if not then thanks

    lets get this mix up behind us

    o yeah and i actually meant to stay monster caps

    did you really think id advise someone to stack three methyls?
    (monster caps)

    this crap is ridiculous, anyone who bought this, it says its out of stock, is screwing up their body to the max.


  4. Sorry dude. I was a little depressed earlier after hurting my back during a workout. I had just gotten back from the gym when I made those posts. Ordinarily, I'm a gentleman.

    Sorry for the sarcasm and rude comments ari. It's my bad.

  5. think of things that piss you off..... job done.

  6. I hear a lot of guys tell me that they get a lot more aggression while working out when they are on Dermacrine

  7. RPM all the way!!!!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by mooch2321 View Post
    why do you want to be angry? do u want to fight someone who works at your gym? u know what makes me angry? it really pisses me off when that little plastic tab on the end of my shoelace comes off. it makes it so darn hard to get it back in the hole... Man just thinkin about it really steams me up, makes me wanna go fight someone at the gym....what gym do you go to?
    This was seriously funny. I actually came back to this thread after forgetting about this, and LOL'd again.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by liquid View Post
    I can say that Mass FX did give me anger issues or maybe its the "alpha male" scenario. When I did use it, I just feel like punching/kicking/yelling at people that annoys me. But on a positive note, I did feel much better in the gym. As in pushing harder, and wanting to lift heavier. If that is something you want go for it.
    lol yea when i took it i would be clinching my fist and taking deep breathes..... ".. calm down..." when i see some needle **** in the gym pissing me off, or just some one looking at me would get me going a little bit haha

  10. Quote Originally Posted by musclekid17 View Post
    im looking for a supplement that will give me some anger in the gym. havent heard alot on this any help is appricated

    PRIME has changed the way i train.

    Check the logs, users are reporting an extreme pre-workout aggression spike.
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  11. RPM plus being stuck in traffic works for well as my GF's unrelenting nagging.

  12. Dude im on like day 3 of Battle Fuel and i can honestly tell you it makes you want to smack someone for no reason.....thats an aggression boost if i ever felt one!

  13. lmao yes having a girl friend does do the trick or talk to your mom first and let her start complaining then go workout or just think of something thats grinds your gears lol then hit that shizzzittttt
    anger workouts are some of the best

  14. Look up methyl test.


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