What supps are you always running ?

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  1. What supps are you always running ?

    Just curious as to what supps people run all year round ? eg. whey, bcaa, creatine ect..

  2. I usually stick with whey, BCAAs in the form of Xtend, a good multi, fish oil, and sesamin.

  3. Orange Triad, protein (usually muscle milk for a treat, or nectar.) I switch around creatines. That's about all for staples YEAR ROUND. I take alot more than that though.

  4. Multi-V

  5. Creatine Mono (take a week or two off here and there)
    Multi v
    Fish Oil
    Apple Cider Vinegar
    Grape seed extract
    Beta Alanine

  6. multi
    fish oil
    whey protein
    creatine (usually 6 weeks on 1 or 2 weeks off)

  7. Just started using it about a month ago, but its now a staple


  8. whey
    hoping to add CLA into the mix soon.

  9. creatine
    whey isolate
    caseine protein

  10. whey, multi, ginkgo

  11. whey
    cod liver oil
    green tea
    nettle root
    saw palmetto
    pre-wo supp

    a lot.

  12. staples for me:
    fish oil
    sesamin oil
    whey (pre and post workout)
    muscle milk (keep it in my office in case I get hungry)
    creatine mono
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by delsolrob View Post
    muscle milk (keep it in my office in case I get hungry)
    Same! I love me some chocolate banana crunch.

  14. A good multi(Mega men, Orange Triad, etc)
    A good NO product(Usually NO2 Black)
    Some form of protein shake(Monster Milk, Pro-NOS)

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Gator Alum 03 View Post
    Same! I love me some chocolate banana crunch.
    Yummy! Chocolate Mint Chip over here....think I'm gonna have one now
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post


  17. Super Cissus RX by USP
    Fish Oils
    Creatine Mono
    Xtend (watermelon or grape)
    Protein (Whey, and custom mixes)
    and I just added Torrent to my "I can't do without" list.

  18. thanks for the reminder Bama!

    Super Cissus RX is also on my must have list
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  19. Other than whey and a multi (AST), there's not much that I run consistently. Creatine is useless for me - I don't respond. But BCAA/EAAs like Xtend or Purple Wraath have worked their way in for some time now. Depending on the cycle, WMS and Taurine in a post-w/o shake are semi-staples. Glycergrow is probably going to make its way in there at some point in the near future.
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  20. Protein, and caffeine.

  21. whey, MVP, ZMK, Cordygen (5 or VO2), EFA's, and usually a creatine and ALA.
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  22. Whey-ON Cookies N Cream
    Fish Oil

    Try to always keep the basics the same and just add in others here and there. I like to test out single prodcuts or small stacks to see overall effects.

  23. Creatine is a waste on me, I never respond. SO I stick with Gut Health, Poseidon and BA (usually Swell). Everything else comes and goes
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