My TNT "super" stack

  1. My TNT "super" stack

    I will be starting this stack at the start of October and running it through till just before Christmas - about 10 weeks:

    (all at recommended dosages)
    TNT stack
    - T-rez
    - Divanex
    - T force
    Coleus Forskohlii 20% (NP)
    Tea GCG (NP)
    Bromelain/Quercitin (NOW) – to help with bioavailability of T-rez (thanks Steveoph)
    may also throw in some bulk cissus or incarnate more for tendonitis reduction and maintain integrity of joints.

    Will be taking usual 9 x 1000mg fish oil ED and multivit/min 2 x ED

    26yrs old
    10yrs training experience

    Will be following a bulking diet as will be training lots and I am very fortunate to be a lean grower – I put on very little fat when bulking so I can really ramp up the Kcals and CHO next 2 months – Cant wait!

    Goal is to increase gains in LBM and athletic performance.

    Looking forward to the synergistic effects.

    But my question is on the timing of taking the supps. Most of them are 3 a day with food so should I just stick to taking them with B’fast, lunch and Dinner or will I get more benefit from taking certain supps pre and post workout???

    I was thinking 2 CF and Green tea before workouts – but would I see any benefit from tweaking the timing of the other supps.

    Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks (keep an eye out for a log too)

  2. Just try and spread the Divanil up evenly throughout the day with meal. It builds up in your bloodstream, so timing isn't too important. I personally have mine with my pre-WO meal (60 mins before), and my PWO meal. Then space the other 2 out.

    A fatty meal will cause bile release, which will help with bioavailability of resveratrol.

    Looks like a solid plan, don't forget to eat lots. I recommend tracking it on fitday if you can manage it, sometimes you eat less than you think! With all that free T, it will be even harder for you to put on fat.

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