Miracle Greens and Miracle Reds?

  1. Miracle Greens and Miracle Reds?

    Does anyone have feedback, both look good on paper.

    Reps for any feedback, I'm considering making both or at least one staples.

  2. I'd like to know also. You can get a 90 day supply of either for 60 bucks on amazon. This makes it less expensive than greens+ (which is 26 for 30 days)

  3. if you're young and healthy its not something you are really going to feel a difference. I got both and i am speaking of experience of only once a day. three times a day would be too expensive, but i don't doubt that this is helping my body in the way it should.

  4. I never really expect to feel antioxidants and vitamins.... Its like a multivitamin, I take them on the belief that they are helping my general health....

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