Does NP ship to PO boxes anymore?

  1. Does NP ship to PO boxes anymore?

    I used to get my orders shipped to my PO Box with no problem. My last two orders were shippeped by Fed Ex and they do not deliver to PO Boxes. I was trying to place an order, but I can't wasn't able to use USPS shipping. Is there any way I can still get my order shipped to my PO box?


  2. Can anyone from np help me out? Please move my post if it's in the wrong section. I need to place an order soon, and I'd rather stick with np than look elsewhere.

    Can I just place a regular order and ask that it be shipped by usps in the coment box? I'd pay for the shipping if I had an idea how much it would be. Thanks

  3. if they could, you'd have to use usps.

  4. Under shipping method, you can choose USPS as an option.

    Your choices should be something like this for a 3lb order:
    United States Postal Service
    Priority Mail $10.55

    Federal Express (Recommended)
    Federal Express - Home Delivery $6.00
    Federal Express - Express Saver (3 Day) $13.55
    Federal Express - 2 Day Air $17.25
    Federal Express - Standard Overnight (by 3PM, later for rural) $41.45

    Be sure to selects USPS to ensure delivery to you PO box, and there should be no problem! Also for future NP related questions, you might get a quicker reply if you put it in our subsection, NutraPlanet

  5. Thanks, for some reason I couldn't find a shipping option. I'll try again soon.

  6. Ok, I'm still unable to change the shipping. I'm on the "confirm Order" page and it says fed ex home delivery. How do I change it to usps?

  7. see attached, highlighted in yellow
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