Lean Xtreme + stim burner dosing?

  1. Lean Xtreme + stim burner dosing?

    Hey all, so I just placed an order for Lean Xtreme and Leviathan Reloaded, I will also have another stim fat burner on the way which I won, Boiling Point. Basically I want to know how I should dose the stims with LX and when to get the best results?


  2. Well I believe the "normal" dose protocol is 1cap morning, 1cap 4 hours later, and 1 cap preworkout(early afternoon)

  3. actually its similar to this

    Lean Xtreme
    Dose 1 - 1 cap first thing in morn
    Dose 2 - 1 cap either 4 hours later or pre workout(early afternoon)
    Dose 3 - 1 cap pre-bed

  4. Lean xtreme I do, 2 caps when I wake, 1 cap early afternoon. Don't stack the other two stims together, use one or the other.

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  5. Why did you bump a 3 year old thread?



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