I give X-Factor/RPM stack an A

  1. I give X-Factor/RPM stack an A

    ok so here was my stack that i just finished up today..

    X-factor (4 a day first bottle, 5 a day second bottle)
    RPM (5 a day workout days only, 2 bottles)
    Drive (for the first month, didnt run second bottle)
    Creatine Mono (10g a day)
    X-Tend BCAA's (3 pre, 3 intra, 2 post)

    17 years old
    currently on a bulk

    ok now to the gains..

    when i started this stack, my weight was 202..current weight is 215 after aprox 45-50 days
    not sure of body fat, went up a small amount, not a big deal tho im on a bulk

    3 major lifts...
    bench>> up 30 lbs
    deadlift>> up 40 lbs
    squat>>up 35 lbs

    i feel way more dense and stronger, ive been getting alot of complements from people on how much bigger i look..lovin it, definately planning on running this stack again in november..i recommend it to anyone, especially on a bulk i think it works great..im gunna post pics sometime this week..i didnt take starting pics but i have pics from like january so ill use those to compare

    anyway, great stack, you guys should check it out

  2. very nice how sore did u get while on x factor
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  3. curious as to why you dropped the 2nd bottle of drive? i would have continued it for max effects
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    curious as to why you dropped the 2nd bottle of drive? i would have continued it for max effects
    texas, it wasnt a choice, i ran out of money

    backer..to tell u the truth, i wasnt very sore at all...knees were slightly sore from the squats, and elbows felt a little dried up at times..shoulders were pretty normal, i think the drive/bcaa's/creatine probably helped recovery in that nature

    i had no sides, maybe skin a little more oily but that could have just been coincidence, and it wasnt really bad at all

  5. nice. ah sorry about hte money i feel that right now man
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