Biotest Halotest-25

  1. Biotest Halotest-25

    EDIT: Sorry dont know why I put biotest its actually Powerlab Nutrition that makes Halotest-25

    Whats up guys, im new to this forum. Ussually over on or t-nation..

    Anyways im wondering if anyone has experience with Halotest-25? Its supposedly the same compound as the old halodrol-50 from gaspari in a lesser form of dose. If anyone has experience please let me know. Im wanting to stack it with the second half of my jungle warfare cycle, thanks.

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  2. Nice first post. Please go to the steroid section and ask again.

  3. Thanks for the response... Mods you can shut this one down im headin to the steroids section where everyone will then tell me this is not a steroid.

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