GH Stack anybody used it. (the kind in the glass vile)

  1. Thumbs up GH Stack anybody used it. (the kind in the glass vile)

    hey just curious. any body ever used the stuff. a body of mine did and he got great results so i just ordered 6 months worth of the stuff. (dont worry i did plenty of reserch) i was just curious how your guyses results were. i am 158 and 5'7'' right now. and about 10 % bodyfat and can

    curl 115
    bench 245
    squat 270
    lat pull 210
    tricep pull 200

    and i am hoping by january of 09 to weigh 165-170 5% body fat and

    curl 140
    bench 295
    squat 325
    latpull 240
    tricep pull 225

    i think the stuff will do it acording to others who have tried it they agree. whats your take.

  2. You'd get more responses if you posted this in the IGF/GH area.

  3. thanks man i will do that

  4. Oh, and not to be "that guy", but it's vials. I only correct you on this, as "vile" has negative connotations (maybe rightfully so depending on feedback, LOL). Good luck in your request for information on this.

    1 a: morally despicable or abhorrent <nothing is so vile as intellectual dishonesty> b: physically repulsive : foul <a vile slum>
    2: of little worth or account : common ; also : mean
    3: tending to degrade <vile employments>
    4: disgustingly or utterly bad

  5. thanks man i didnt no that. i will remember it for next time.

  6. i just posted a new thread for musclebuilders and fat burners. and so far i have gotten good responces so i think i will defenetly listen to those guys. and not to some of my friends on this product.


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