Swole V2 Results

  1. Swole V2 Results

    This is my thread from syntrax.com I hope you guys like the results. This is great stuff and I do recommend it.

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  2. bro, that linked to a guggle extreme thread


  3. Its there, you just have to click on the main heading above the guggul thread , I think nutrition or supplements, and it was a couple spots down. Good thread.

  4. Ok I edited it. It should be fine now.

  5. great link DarCSA. juste started taking SwoleV2 myself for about 1week now. seeing solid pumps and stronger in the gym. would want to definately reccommend eating something when taking it, especially in the morning. did that the other day and started to workout, about 10minutes in i had to go puke.
    so looks like it lasted about 1 1/2 months for you, is that about right?

  6. Yes well over a month. It seemed I would never finish the container. Hope your cycle goes well with it.


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