how much potassium?

  1. how much potassium?

    my stomach was cramping up last night so i went out and bought some potassium 100mg pills.. how much daily?

    im on 10 mg 1-m-t and 26 squirts of 4-aderm daily (13 morning then evening)


  2. wow! 26 squirts of 4-aderm? you must be bloated as hell! i'm just doing 8 squirts of 4-aderm/day with 15mg MIT. I'm shooting for lean gains.

  3. I pop as many as I can remember to, lol

  4. you saying take 1000 mg? mann im gonna **** all over the place lol...

    yeah 26 squirts. havent noticed too much bloat.. hell im on creatine too haha..

  5. I myself would rather **** a lot than cramp a lot. Either way, it doesn't tear up my stomach at all, plus I have no cramps at 20mg a day

  6. A lot of those 100mg pills only provide like 3% of your DV. Pop like 5 at a time every few hours or eat several bananas..yeah carbs I know. I also noticed my ON 100% whey has about 140mg or 6% DV per scoop.

  7. I think bananas are a better idea - we still don't know what other benefits you get from whole fruit/veggie sources that are missing from supplements. A banana or two a day plus a few caps of potassium (to cover all your bases) would be a good idea while on M1T.

  8. if you want soemthing with less sugar pistachio nuts have about 310mg per serving and dried plums( i like the orange and cherry flavored) have about 290mg per serving

  9. oh and a glass of orange juice.. around 450mg

  10. The only thing about pottassium is the problem of possibly overdosing. The RDA for K is 3600mg a day for 2000 cals.

    The one thing to remember is that potassium is kinda "balanced" by sodium. In other words, it doesn't take as much K to overdose if your Na intake is low than if your Na intake is more reasonable. They tend to balance each other.

    Heck 7000mg of Na is very bad for you, but if you take 6000mg of K along with it, you're fine. Taking 6000mg of K a day when you take in only say 2400mg of Na is a recipe for big trouble, too.

  11. why not buy salt light or the fake salt. All it is is straight potassium chloride....thus your lowering your salt intake and increasing potassium. I use it every day and you can find it even in Italy.


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