New Advanced Peptide Technology

  1. New Advanced Peptide Technology

    I have just started on a new advanced peptide technology that some friends have been using with great results. It is called OsoLean (TM) and has just become available to the general public. I got a preview of the results from the double blind placebo-based crossover study and the results were amazing. They matched the results my friends are getting, who have been using it for several months in the open label study.

    It seems to target the stomach/waist first. At least that is what I have seen. People are shaping up nicely.

    Through a patented process, specific parts of peptides are separated and concentrated to ensure the optimal level of fat-loss peptides. They are blended with calcium-rich minerals from whey to make the powder. It also includes sialic acid, a sugar found in glycoproteins.

    It is direct-marketed through Mannatech, a research and development company. I have been quite impressed with other technologies they have released and hope to be as impressed with this one.

    I plan to market it, myself.


  2. really...doesn't sound like an ad at all

  3. Its a crappy mannatech product. The reps got in trouble for making false claims and not to mention they are not even kosher so the quality is not good enough for me and 12 grams of protein is so little.

  4. What's In It?
    Supplement Facts:

    give a run down

  5. one of those mlm again...sigh..

  6. No outside advertising. First and only warning.


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