Fat burner help needed

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  1. Fat burner help needed

    Hey guys, I am interested in ordering a fat burner and need a few questions answered. First of all, of these 3 formulas which is the best:
    Lipo 6
    Hyperdrive 3
    Stimulant X 2.0

    I used the original stim x and loved it and want to know if anybody has tried both and can tell me whether the revamped version if worth getting. Also, do these 3 supps have the "shrinkage" effect on us fellas because of the stims? If I have overlooked a better fat burner please feel free to mention it. I do need stims for focus and energy for classes, as well as good fat burning at the same time, also mood enhancement would be a plus for stressful times.

    I know this kind of stuff has been posted alot before but I just need a new opinion because all these supplements alter their ingredients and are completely different.

    Thanks all.

  2. Hey buddy,

    I have tried the new Stim X and Hyperdrive 3, Hyperdrive wasnt too bad, its a good product, but I like ReDuction by CL even more because I had good clean energy and focus during the day with the AM formula, and slept like a baby at night with the PM formula. To tell you the truth, the PM formula is so good, I wish they would sell it by itself, it'd be a staple of mine.
    Also, I know you wanted a stimulant, but let me tell you, I LOVE RPN's DCP. I can't believe how awesome this product is. I dont think I have ever had as much fat loss success with stims as I have had with this. This stuff is great and the best part is it isnt taxing on the ol' adrenals.
    I have never personally tried Lipo, but I have had heard good things about it. If you want an answer to pick strictly from your 3 listed, Id go with Hyperdrive. Hope this helps buddy.

  3. I had really good run with leviathan and dcp. I am using AP and recreate right now but I'm not sold on Recreate

  4. i've tried REDuction and did not feel anything from it to be honest, I did not have an energy increase or feel much thermo from it either. And isn't DCP stimulant free?.. does it actually give you smooth energy for the whole day?

  5. dcp isn't a stimulant at all, leviathan takes care of that. When it comes down to it, are you lookng for a stim or a fat burner?

  6. to be honest I need an all in one, fat burner/stimulant for burning and long energy

  7. I'd go with leviathan and if you want you can stack it with a non stim like dcp, or go solo. I always felt great on it and there was little to no crash. Ingredient profile is quite good too. I was glad to see PEA and hordenine in there.

    I've heard mixed reviews of the 'new' hyperdrive. I've been interested in the germanium caps from NP. Supposedly you get milder, longer lasting focus and energy from it.

    I've really liked the old ECA stack, except I never took aspirin with it. It's hella cheap too. The only down side I found was bad crashes, once you dosed you pretty much have to dose all day. Also, I always got cotton mouth. And I found it fatigued the ole adrenal system quicker than other stims.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by eneyman View Post
    to be honest I need an all in one, fat burner/stimulant for burning and long energy
    MAN Scorch is a good option here.
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  9. looking at the ingredients for SCORCH and just saw
    XN Xanthinol Nicotinate 150mg

    should I be worried about that..

  10. If you are thinking that's nicotine, its not.. it's niacin

    And if you are thinking its niacin, then it is and you shouldn't be worried.

  11. I'd definitely say the stack of lean xtreme and DCP will give you better results than any of the products you mentioned, while also avoiding the side effects from stimulants you would/could see with all your afforementioned products. If going the stim route, REDuction does look to be great as GABA coupled with stims is typically pleasing and avoids the jitters and anxiety some experience.

  12. Grab some Shred-Matrix

  13. Looking for energy AND fat burning? Definitely OsoLean. I just posted an article on it.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Boyders View Post
    If you are thinking that's nicotine, its not.. it's niacin

    And if you are thinking its niacin, then it is and you shouldn't be worried.

    correct...that is niacin

  15. The EC stack is really the only way to go. The EC stack is simply the best OTC fat burner and the only fat burner proven efficacious by scientific studies.

    I did a review of the scientific studies into the EC stacks efficacy here.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by TotalHealth View Post
    Looking for energy AND fat burning? Definitely OsoLean. I just posted an article on it.
    Spam much?
    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve
    Flawless Skin Couture - We give you the tools to make you Flawless

  17. I don't want to use ephedra, it made me feel awful and I won't use it again. So can anyone else give some input as to SCORCH, Leviathan, Lipo6, StimX, Hyperdrive etc.. I need a fat burner that works throughout the day, good energy, no shrunk junk, and I I don't want my body to get used to it quickly. So far people have recommended Leviathan and SCORCH and others have told me 3.0 hyperdrive is crap.

  18. I know you do not want to us EC, but like Space said- It really is the only way to go. You really just need to focus on your diet and make sure you drink plenty of water.
    But, honestly doing a 200mg, 20mg EC stack along with a great diet and exercise will yield awesome results.

  19. nah man, when I was on the stuff I would blackout when I stood up and get dizzy spells. It did work but at what cost, I would often have to sit down quickly fearing I would actually collapse. I just want to use a normal fat burner product.

  20. Tell me exactly what you were taking.


  21. originally used an epherine in a silver/yellow pack but I believe it is discontinued now, then was on Biotek ephedrine/asthma plus caffeine and was having the dizzy spells/blackout on that stuff, not the original brand. but yea, I need an energy/fat burner/mood enhancer for the whole day and not just a rapid weight loss, i'm not trying to lose a bunch of weight. Right now I am leaning toward either Leviathan Reloaded or SCORCH.. they seem like solid formulas with decent reviews.

  22. I've tried both, and they give you good feel good energy. If you want a good semi fat loss plus great mood booster, try to look around for the orginal "AMP". Other than that, go with scorch remix, if you take 3-4 caps it will give you a good happy feeling energy.

  23. okay another vote for SCORCH, can you guys tell me if Leviathan Reloaded will be effective as a stand alone or does it have to be stacked? I really just want to use one supplement as a fat burner.

  24. I think it is effective but I did stack it

  25. I also stacked it with ephedrine now and then :-)

  26. I took leviathan reloaded alone and loved it. I have taken Shred Hardcore Xs alone and loved it. I took Shred Hardcore Xs with DCP and loved it.
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  27. hey guys, alot of folks have recommended scorch with lean xtreme, can you fellas tell me more about why lean xtreme is popular to stack with it and does it also help fat loss or mainly muscle retention?


  28. also do you guys think it would make sense to maybe order 2 burners say scorch and leviathan and alternate them every other day or maybe one week on one second week on the other to see how I react/like them and also so that I don't get too used to the ingredients of one in particular?

  29. bulk Geranamine from NP

  30. so do you guys think Lean Xtreme is worth getting if I am not lifting heavy weights and trying to gain mass? Just trying to slim down..


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