So I got me some all the way protien blend in all 4 flavors and today I tryed the cupcake batter. I put 8oz of skim milk in a blender and a lot of ice. The I put that in my blender bottle and put 2 scoops of CCB in it and the wire blender ball on top. Then I closed it and shook it up. When I was drinkin it I thought It was kind of week. It did not tast like nothing. So I finished it and was like MOFO I got jipped. I was expectin the world with a name like cupcake batter. Then it came time to wash the bottle, I opened it up and saw the wire ball had some thing in it. like a ice cube. Well it turned out to be protien powder. It was moist kind of like some sludge. Well this stuff was so f'in good. Damn is this stuff good. The only reason it did not tast good at first was cause it did not mix well I gues. My ? How come people don't talk about it? I looked for reviews before I bought it and did not find much.and o do any of you know the % on the whey CON.? I ask cause it is really cheap in price.its cheaper then wall marts protien powder.