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  • Black Powder

    9 9.28%
  • Shock Therapy

    10 10.31%
  • Superpump250

    19 19.59%
  • NoXplode

    20 20.62%
  • No Shotgun

    28 28.87%
  • Animal Pak PUMP

    11 11.34%

Best Pre workout supplement??

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by joebo View Post
    I try to preach about the NO-Shotgun, but apparently no one actually cares about ingredients on the board. If VPX was a sponsor, all you would hear about is NO-Shotgun. Its funny actually. People used to bash Universal/Animal and LG. Now they are sponsors and everyone has jumped on.
    And BSN.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  2. Not for babies!! Methyl Efx if you can stand it

    Hands down, methyl efx is wicked, no comparison, ive tried them all, white flood, vapor, superpump black powder, they may taste better and mix better, but methyl efx delivers a kickass workout everytime, of course i only use it on my 3 heavy days.

  3. What about RPM + Whiteflood preWO?

  4. shotgun by far. The proprietary blend of aminos is like no other pre workout supplement on the market right now, and it actually contains substances that support muscle growth for the long run, rather than just a bunch of creatine, caffine, and nox to make you feel good and look big for 45 minutes. the only beef i have w shotgun is that it takes me a while to build a tolerance to the thermogenic in it. I feel like crap after i take it for the 1st 2 weeks. I have yet to try the V3 version yet, and i heard it was much better in this regard. All in all I must agree w/ the majority on this one here.

  5. You don't have White Flood in the list.. my vote goes to that.
  6. Cool

    No one has mentioned cellucor's M5. I'm now taking the 2nd generation M5 and think its really weak compared to the 1st generation. I'm taking the advanced dosage, but feel little energy, no big pump, small strength gains, and minimal endurance. Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm using P6 Black and R3 as well.

  7. it's not on the poll but i like PEA. cheap and effective

  8. I love RPM however, I have been using JP8 the last few days, and it is outrageous

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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Satch View Post
    it's not on the poll but i like PEA. cheap and effective

    I did that for awhile w/ plain caffeine for a while also. I felt like I was getting really strong endorphin rushes after w/o when I was using it.

  10. USP Jacked is off the hook
  11. More of a question, rather than a reply to poll, but..

    I use NO EXPLODE, and it's my first ever pre workout supp. I'm not a coffee guy, so the caffeine in it had me a bit edgy, as expected of course. The product seems to do the job so far, though since it's my first, I would have nada to compare it with.

    Question I have though, is it ok to use Thermogenic push extreme, simultaneously?

    I currently weigh 225, at 6'3, but of course, as most former couch potatoes do, I gained the weight the wrong way. I don't necessarily mind being 225, just wanna lose the lil belly that developed outta nowhere. I have a target weight of 205 by June 1st. I work out pretty good, and I don't try to over due it, But I heard both products should help.

    Anyone's input is welcome. Thanks!
  12. Thumbs up

    So far the pre workout supplement that has had the most profound effect on me is Plasmagen Nitrate. The amount of BA used is uncontested and I have seen a very noticeable increase in recovery with it.

  13. Love Superpump250 fruit punch in gross though

  14. Axis Labs SMASH Fully Loaded
    VPX NO-Shotgun
    Controlled Labs White Flood
    MAN Clout

    -Those are my top 4.
    I'm Back...

  15. I used to think shotgun v3 was as good as it gets, both Anadraulic State and JP8 have edged it out in my opinion.
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  16. animal pump but super pump is a close 2nd

  17. superpump 250! by far the best!


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