headaches still EVEN DURING PCT!

  1. headaches still EVEN DURING PCT!


    Just ran 5 weeks of H-drol and i experienced headaches whilst at the gym at the start/end of the cycle. I know this is a common side with this ph but i am still experiencing the headaches during pct?? Anyone had similar experiences??

    As soon as I exert myself during an excercise my head starts banging, getting really annoying. Thought it may be blood pressure related but had it checked and it was actually a little lower than norm.

    drinking on average 4 litres a day . . . . .

    thought i'd stop taking all my support supps see if that made a difference . . .

    no difference in the gym again today, getting pretty frustrated going up their to do half hearted work outs.

    Anyone any ideas on this quite concerned as I'm now on day 6of pct, been experiencing the headaches for 11 days.

    Apart from the cycle . . . other things which i think may have triggered it;

    the first gym session i noticed it . . . i had taken an eca that morning . . . so i thought it was that and stopped taking the next day??

    i was taking 5650mg hawthorn berries ed (not extract hence higher mg) but reduced it down towards the end of the cycle cos was running low??

    Other than those what i've mentioned above cant see any other reason for the headaches.


  2. does anyone know how i can move this to the appropriate section, really need some advice on this, cheers.

  3. copy and paste this to the steroid or pct section

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