Your views on VPX no shotgun v3 and no synthesize

  1. Your views on VPX no shotgun v3 and no synthesize


    I am just wondering if you could help me. I have just re joined the gym and I want to speed up my process of gaining more muscle. I have read a lot of people hyping the VPX no shotgun v3 and no synthesize products and that they can be stacked.

    I know that the shot gun can be used as pre workout supplement but what does the no synthesize contain to make it a post workout supplement?

    Should I just buy the no shotgun and add some creatine mono as a pre workout supplement? Then after my workout just have protein?


  2. I love NO-Shotgun and have tried NO-Synthesize samples. Both great products. I wouldn't say NO-Synthesize is a post workout product, but it could be used as one. I used it intra-workout just like one would use Size-on. Can't go wrong with either product, but you could do just fine with just the Shotgun

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