Best Lot of suppliments to GET NOW??

  1. Best Lot of suppliments to GET NOW??

    4 weeks to go on my 8 week massfx/hyperdrol/leanxtreme stack. im aiming for body recomp, want to cut up a bit really. just about to order from nutraplanet some suppliments for when this test boosting stack finishes. this is what i am considering

    ragnarok - preworkout and creatine which im not using at the moment

    recreate or dcp/leviR - to keep the fat coming off

    anabolic pump - to allow me to keep eating carbs and build muscle and lean out

    how does this sound to all you out there? any other suggestions for what im after. what would u guys personally spend your money on?

  2. Sounds fine to me I really think supplements will help. The key is eating right. Frequently and at the right times.



  3. I would agree w/ blah3d about eating right. If u are not and when takin the supps, the supps will give u a misleading body composition. As soon as u get off you will lose the muscle or u might not even build much while on the supps. I would make sure the food comes FIRST and supps come second. Good luck!

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