caffeine and your metabolism..

  1. caffeine and your metabolism..

    how does caffeine affect your metabolism???
    how much does it affect it???

  2. Funny I was just reading a few pages the other day about this.

    From what I read they found that rats given it lost a decent amount of B/F and when given more to eat where slower to gain back weight.

    Some see it as an appite dower while for others it would seem to speed it up due to them expending energy at a faster rate.

    Some cases where on the thermogenic effect it had helping to lose weight.

    Has the effect of increasing lipolysis, leading to elevated glycerol and free fatty acid levels in the blood plasma.
    Theobromine (12%): Dilates blood vessels and increases urine volume
    From Caffeine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  3. well i ask because, i just started taking Reset AD and a few days ago i stopped taking all caffeine containing products like soda, coffee, and some soft drinks, and i have always been a "hardgainer" and i was wondering if i would see any weight gain from cutting caffeine out of my diet...
    thanks, justin

  4. If you repalce those calories lost by not drinking soda/soft drinks with solid food I am sure you will gain

  5. The key for me is to keep my metabolism high by eating more meals throughout the day but durning bulking I jsut take in more calories during those times.
    Stims for working out I beleive are fine but in terms of large amounts I believe it would only hinder results namely due to either appite downing or burning through calories that much faster.

  6. BTW that Reset looks really interesting! Life on board the ship here is almost the picture perfect example of what it describes haha!

    Be nice ot see any results that may come from using it!


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