citruline malate, a few questions

  1. citruline malate, a few questions

    I've been taking cit mal in bulk form. I think it's causing me to get a "sour stomach" Does anyone else have this problem? Is there anything you guys take to avoid this? I feel like I'm geting great results with 1tbs pre and 1 tbs post, but the stomach discompfort has caused me to cut back.

    I do not have stomach issues with Citrivol by MST. But the dose is much samller.

    I really wish there was more information available for cit mal. It's one of the few that I really like.

  2. i started taking cit. malate about a week ago and i love the stuff...i have no problem with it, do you eat stuff after taking it??

  3. i took nitro cm, got a bottle for free, and liked it.. however its a blend so i didnt know exactly how much cm was in it... i will soon try the bulk powder at a higher dose than the overall profile of CM and see any changes
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  4. whats the recommended dosage for CM anyway, im taking Xtend....sorry to hijack you thread lol

  5. most say 3 -4 g daily.. split pre and post workout.
    but what works for "most" could be different for you
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  6. I'd usually eat it from the container. I'm guessing that I was taking too much. I wonder if I could mix it with something more basic (less acidic)?

    The amount in extend is not even close to an efective dose. Add some bulk to the extend. It will taste fantastic and work great.

    I wonder if it causes a lot of free radicals in the body?

    So far I've noticed that it's really helped with high blood pressure, faster recovery, less lactic acid build up (more reps), and my muscles just feel fuller.

  7. well what if i drank multiple servings of xtend throughout the day and then post-workout i drank purple wraath??

  8. Try the multiple servings of extend for a while, then add some aditional cit mal for a while, then go back to the multiple servings of extend. See what you notice. I think this is a trial and error sup as there is not much research on it yet.

    If cost is no issue, I'd go with the extend.

    I wonder if cit mal is bad for any part of the body?

  9. does your body naturally produce cit. mal.???


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