Anabolic Pump/DCP/Leviathan Reloaded stack help

  1. Anabolic Pump/DCP/Leviathan Reloaded stack help

    Hey guys I'm an MMA fighter looking to drop some fat between fights. I just put me an order in for the supps in the title. My question is when I should take each one. I have a.m. cardio (45-60 min) monday-thursday which I normally do on an empty stomach. I hit the weights 4-5 times a week along with mma/kickboxing/wrestling practice in the evenings. I planned on taking the DCP/LR before my a.m cardio session and the AP before any of my heavy carb meals. I also have BCAAs, a multi, creatine, forskolin, and green tea caps. I was just looking for some input and suggestions.


  2. Looks like you`re good to go on the AP dosing. I would say that you should use those BCAA during your cardio. I will let the other reps throw their opinion in on your dosing for the other products.

  3. Sorry, I'm late on this but I would say take LR about 30-45 min before workout on empty stomach.

  4. would the insulin response from the BCAAs taken during cardio not be counter productive to the yohimbine?

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