TO ALL CHEMISTS/BIOCHEMISTS ON AM-opinions on chromium picolinate genotoxicity

  1. TO ALL CHEMISTS/BIOCHEMISTS ON AM-opinions on chromium picolinate genotoxicity

    Chromium is an essential trace mineral that facilitates the action of insulin. As such, chromium is widely marketed as a supplement that reduces body fat, increases lean muscle, and improves insulin sensitivity.

    The most prevalent supplement form of chromium is chromium picolinate. As it turns out, this form of chromium appears to be the most toxcic. A large number of studies show that chromium picolinate generates hydroxyl radicals and superoxide anions (two free radicals) leading to lipid peroxidation, mitochondrial damage, and DNA damage.
    Genotoxic effects of chromium picolinate stem from its interaction with antioxidants in the cells, a process that generates a "reduced" form of chromium capable of causing mutations in DNA.

    Critics of these studies point out that the amount of chromium picolinate tested is too high to be relevant for humans who supplement with chromium. However, researchers argue that after several years of swallowing a daily recommended dose of 600 ug of chromium picolinate, chromium would accumulate in the body to the level that caused damage observed in their studies.

    Speaking for myself, I do not fancy the idea of being a guinea pig. To me the risks of chromium picolinate supplementation by far exceed the benefits. Problem is, chromium picolinate is found in many multivitamin formulas, protein powders, fat-loss formulas etc. I find this very frustrating because it limits my choice of supplements. Why is it that supp companies put doubtfull ingredients in their products Is it lack of research ? Or is it just me being overly paranoid ?!
    Opinions anyone ?

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  2. Definitely agree here. This goes back to my previous thread about heavy metal poisoning and the lack of testing. Chances are if you see a heavy metal in a supplement you probably should stay away from it unless it is an essential mineral. People think because they aren't "feeling" sick that they are perfectly fine, but I have said it many times that the effects of heavy metals are not seen for a long time and and individuals are asymptomatic until later in life in many cases.

    If you are going to use this supplement do not take it for extended periods of time as accumulation in bodily tissues is inevitable. Personally, it seems strange that anyone would want to take this for the small benefit gained and the high instance of oxidative damage here. Oxidative damage slows the recovery process greatly if it gets out of control.

  3. The doses of Chromium were higher than most people could ever expect to ingest in normal life, so those studies are not as valuable as they could be. This, unfortunately, is a problem in a lot of studies - a substance will be dosed so high that it bear little reflection on reality outside the lab.
    Unfortunately, this doesn't negate Chromium's potenial harmful effects. Oxidants are everywhere, a daily byproduct even from carbohydrate metabolism - but this doesn't mean we should be introducing, unnecessarily, even more into our systems.
    Especially in the case of heavy metals, of which the body has real difficulty clearing itself.
    There are plenty of other substances that aid in fat-loss and some even have anti-oxidant capacites (green tea for instance). Go with one that will benefit and not damage the cell and leave Chromium as a TRACE mineral.
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  4. Thanks guys, you just reinforced my paranoia Seriously, I agree with you. I wish there was a better control over what goes in supplements, chromium picolinate is just one of my pet hates, I don't want to go on and start a discussion on artificial sweeteners, colors and other "useful" additives, I started a thread on that topic once...

    Are supplements robbing you of your muscle building/fatloss potential?

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