1. ALRI WTF Pump'd

    Anyone every try this stuff?

  2. Yea, it wasn't worth it IMO, I would just go with GlycerGrow instead as its a better gms based product.

    Stacking NOS ETHER with GG would be the ultimate, but WTF Pumped gave me less pumps than I expected, minimal energy and so so strength gains (and the taste wasn't very good, but thats the least of my concerns)

  3. Yeah I just finnished my 2nd bottle of ether up, waiting for my massfx/hyperdol to arrive, and i'll probably look to stack JP8/creatine mono aswell

  4. nice, jp8 and creatine mono should be a good stack

  5. yeah man, I have tried it. Jp8 blew it outa the water.

  6. Go for NO-Shotgun, best ingredient profile by far..
  7. my favorite

    I love WTF Pump'd. It's the only pre-workout that I only need one scoop. The pumps are sick (of course, glycerin), strength gains, and it gives me a burst in my movements.

  8. i really like wtf pump, but the new no shotgun is in a league of its own.

  9. How is NO-shotgun in terms of pumps? VANITY FOR THE WIN



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