Best supplement to raise hgh

  1. Best supplement to raise hgh

    Ok I know that theres a ton out there that just simply do not work. they range from simple amino acids that just get broken down way to quickly before thay have any effect at all. all the way too that homeopathic stuff that says has hgh in it but in reaality only contains maybe one drop in the entire bottle of (alcohal) which would destroy it anyways.

    So my question is what's some true hgh realeasrers/ precursers or supplements that actually raise your own levels of hgh and is there science behind these products that show that they work?

  2. L-Dopa, PowerFull, Arginine, Glutamine (maybe), Gaba

  3. I have had great success with Hemogex by VPX and Somnidren-GH by MST.

  4. I haven't tried it just YET....very very soon....but I hear from LOTS of people that Powerfull is absolutely awesome!! Wish I had experience with it to give you more info. But there are plenty of people here who love it, and I have a couple friends who use it quite often.

  5. ghb. heh heh heh

  6. Somnidren-GH by MST..... I love the stuff.

  7. igf2 son. it and powerful are similar. anything containing L-dopamine as well. I have yet to use a full tub of somidren but i enjoyed it form what i tried

  8. Quote Originally Posted by simpleton View Post
    ghb. heh heh heh
    GHB gets my vote too. LOVE it!

  9. NVM... wrong thing

  10. Well damn are we talking about legal or illegal substances?? If that is the case just go with straight HGH and forget the Gh stimulation go for replacement......

  11. Somnidren GH is a product produced exactly for these results. Please check our website and order a free sample to try it out. Let me know what you think!!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  12. lipotropin am-pm appnut baby!

  13. somnidren GH by MST

  14. 7,8 Benzoflavone FTW


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