test boosters

  1. test boosters

    I have been looking to find some information on prohormones. I see a lot of different test boosters that claim to raise test levels. Looking to find out which ones are legit. Looking to gain added weight and strength gains. The one I keep hearing about most right now is Formadrol Extreme. I see that some people use it for PCT and some by itself to raise test levels. Anyone have experience with this prohormone, or any others that might work?

  2. test boosters aren't prohormones, and formadrol is just an anti-estragen test booster

    it seems to have some good ingredients, but if your looking for a good test booster i'd try ergopharm 6-oxo or magnum thrust

  3. Yes test boosters are not steriods but there ae some very good ones out there.


    Activate Xtreme


    That is just a few. Good luck bro.
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  4. Here are some good ones:

    Stoked - Anabolic Innovations
    Activate Xtreme - Designer Supps
    Mass FX - Anabolic Xtreme
    Hypertest (personal Fav) - Axis Labs
    Blue Up (best on a budget) - Controlled Labs
    Testabolan - iForce

  5. well the only on worth triyn is DTHC the new version, but it maby a little to stronge for u
    STOKED is next on mi list to try it is very mild but solid!

  6. Take it to the next level with Dermacrine

  7. I see both STOKED! and ACT X were mentioned.

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