USPlab is Looking for a "Product Educator"--Huge opportunity! Apply here

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    USPlab is Looking for a "Product Educator"--Huge opportunity! Apply here

    Please apply within this thread!

    The Product Educator must transcend a representative, and take a primary role in facilitating communication between upper management and the consumer, as well as relating feedback and suggestions. He/she must also be somewhat versed in physiology, and able to competently and independently address consumer concerns; further, he/she must be willing - and almost demand as much - to increase their role and responsibility within the company.

    we are small, but extremely tight knit; we all play three or four roles well, and we operate intrinsically with each other. Ask any of our representatives: The communication between themselves and myself and Jacob is constant and open - our representatives are not mindless drones. This is an aspect of our operation we pride ourselves on, and are continuing to address to make our customer service branch the industry's strongest.

    The recent additions of ForceofGreen and Borobulker (who will both be embarking on offline duties) is reflective of this desire to transcend "reps", and create Product Educators: Individuals able to accurately address the wide range of concerns customers have.

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