Fat loss pill question

  1. Fat loss pill question

    so im currently taking the REDuction AM-PM formula and some white flood so im pretty stimmed up.

    my question is...

    would adding DCP/ LR or Recreate be a good idea?

    and if so which do you believe to be a better stack with DCP? or one you think is better.



  2. I wouldn't add another stimulant to your stack unless you know you can tolerate it, but by that time you'll be wondering which products, if any, is giving you results. DCP wouldn't be a bad addition as it is non-stimulant.

  3. so you suggest just to add dcp alone?

  4. That's what I would recommend...and I love L.R.

  5. You shouldn't mix stims because your mental health can be on the line. Serotonin toxicity and psychosis are possible outcomes of mixing stims and while few people on the boards would report psychosis, a few in the past have reported mild serotonin toxicity. Symptoms include dry mouth, vomiting, dizziness ect.

    Besides fat burners are seriously overrated. I have tried a number and they can't compare to proper diet and cardio. Unless you have those essentials in and are currently losing weight the stims won't do jack.



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