Safe to dose an SSRI only on weekends?

  1. Safe to dose an SSRI only on weekends?

    I've been tapering off paxil for about 2 weeks now, and take it about every 5 days. Before that I had taken it every day for about 2.5 months, so the withdrawal isn't that bad at all.

    The reason I started taking them was to sort of piece together my personality so I can interact with people at greater ease. Normally I'm very spaced and detached from my personality, which has its ups. But I like to be social.

    The paxil worked and I found I had much more mental energy, and I was much more identified to my thought process. This allowed me to communicate with greater ease and attention.

    What I didn't like about the effects was that it pretty much eliminated my spaceyness and ability to detach from my mental patterns. It felt like there was way too much thought going on in my head, and had a hard time meditating to enter a relaxed, calm and silent state of mind.

    My question is, would it be unhealthy or damaging to take about 10 mgs paxil on saturday and sunday? Because I've noticed that it is still effective when not taken daily. I'd like to be able to experience the effects of paxil once in a while in social situations, just not every day.

    Is this ok?

  2. You should probably talk to your psychiatrist or therapist, (or whomever prescribed the medication). I work at a psychiatric hospital (In fact, I'm here at it right now) and I'd highly recommend talking with the physician rather than some joe-schmoe on a forum.

    Express your feelings on wanting to taper it off. He/she may be hesitant and want you to be on it at all times, but ask if there are any other options. Maybe he can lower the dose for you officially via prescription. But you're already on a pretty low dose. 10mg is the lowest it usually goes. Most patients are on about 40 if you have OCD or panic disorder. Usually for a social anxiety disorder they prescribe 20mg PO qd. You are allowed to taper gradually till discontinued - but you may want to talk with your physician about it.

  3. I already know she will say no, and she probably has no clue as to the potential hazards associated with this as she is fairly dense and misinformed at times.

  4. well you need to talk to her about this. if like you said wont listen, then you need to find someone else trained in this area.

  5. It's a prescription medication, so it's best to take it how it's prescribed.

    Anti-depressants usually take a number of weeks before they start working so, perhaps as your serum levels lower throughout the week after discontinued use and you won't achieve the therapeutic range on weekends when you dose; hence ineffective.

    Unlikely to cause any damage through, since it's a safe and tested medication at normal dosages.



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