anabolic pump and a fasted workout

  1. anabolic pump and a fasted workout

    i remember reading somewhere that AP can be used before a fasted workout to enhance glycogen depletion or something of that sort. can a USP rep or someone who has tried this technique shed some light on it?

  2. Yeah I read the same thing. Snagency posted his routine in the morning and I liked it, tired, and had nice pumps without food pre-workout.

  3. I take it approx 2-3 hours after my last meal and about 15 mins prior to my workout. So, it's somewhat "fasted." At any rate, I love dosing AP this way. Plenty of long lasting energy, especially for those who do cardio after their weights.

  4. hmm. ill need to do some experimenting then. i wonder how it would be with fasted cardio.

    roidrage, do you have a link to where snagency posted that?

  5. Just be careful with hypoglycemia.

    I wouldn't think it would help so much with glycogen depletion, as some of the actives shuttle glucose into muscle tissue to be stored as glycogen. By lowering glucose substrates in the bloodstream, this would likely help with ketosis; moreover, the drop in blood glucose independent of the insulin receptor will certainly help with insulin sensitivity.

    Big word of caution, as mentioned above, is the hypoglycemia. Light to medium intensity cardio would be a good way to go.
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    Its post #746 and then the last post on that page.

  7. awesome. just the post i was looking for. thanks man.


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