Mixing Universal's Torrent and......

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    Mixing Universal's Torrent and......

    Well what weird combos have you come up with to mix with Torrent? I know there are some dudes out there who take this stuff preworkout, intraworkout, postworkout or a combo of all three. The flavor would have to get to you, so here is what I have mixed with Torrent in the past to enhance it:

    Preworkout Blends:
    Torrent + Shock Therapy
    Torrent + GH Stack
    Torrent + Storm

    Postworkout Blends:
    Torrent + Vanillia Whey
    Torrent + Lemonade Iso Whey
    Torrent + GH Stack
    Double Dose of Torrent

    So lets here what others have tried

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    Torrent + izza: = :bb3:
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    Torrent+ Creatine+ Waxy Maize+ Dextrose= Overkill but it taste sooooooo good.

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