zmt/melatonin sleep stack q

  1. zmt/melatonin sleep stack q

    does anyone have results to share with tryptophan and/or melatonin

    I'm thinking about ordering this as ZMA does nothing for me in terms of aiding me in falling asleep.

    I've recently moved on campus and damn are these mother****ers loud in my apartment complex, I need something that will knock me out and keep me out but dont really wanna go the gaba/phenibut/xanex (any of them, not all 3 obviously) route as thats not healthy for daily use.

  2. clearly, it has a great price and the reviews at NP are stellar, just looking for a little extra feedback to solidify if i should purchase this asap

  3. Melatonin has always worked fairly well for me. CVS always had buy one get one free on it too. Millenium's ZMK is a great product. Much better than any other zma product I have used.

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